Friday, April 5, 2013

Kinsahi Restaurant @ Johor Bahru

This month seems to be the month of Japanese cuisine as I brought my parents over the causeway last weekend for yet another Japanese Feast!

This time is at Kinsahi Japanese Restaurant, located right inside KSL Shopping Centre in Johor Bahru.
I Brought my sister there before and she mentioned I must bring my parents there too, since they wont complain about the prices.
Anyway, Kinsahi is operated by BHX Delight Holding in Malaysia and has quite a few outlets spread across the country. However, not all outlets serve vegetarian cuisine. See – they even have a separate menu full of vegetarian options! I am really impressed. I went to the website and realized that Arashi Japanese Restaurant is also under the same holdings, and Arashi too, serve a vegetarian menu.
Note that this is not a full veg establishment.
Here’s Kinsahi for you:

The Shop Front
All of its Restaurants has the same logo. Do note that Not all outlets have the vegetarian menu!

The Interior Setting
Modern and Stylish

The Vegetarian Menu
They serve quite a wide range of vegetarian options - from Ala carte to Set meals as well. However, I noted that they do use a lot of Mock items. So do enquire if you are not into Mock Meats.

Set Meal RM 29.90
The mum ordered this BBQ Meat with Soup to try. It comes with a bowl of rice. The BBQ meat was really yummy! I have never tried this Mock Meat before in SG. It only costs S$12. Quite worth.

Gyoza Set RM 26.90

I tried this Gyoza set previously. Comes with Potato Salad, Gyoza (Veg Dumplings), chicken chop, Seaweed. It is served with Miso Soup and Rice.

 A pity I have forgotten the price of this. It is basically fried tofu, but served with melting caramel (or Condensed Milk) on top. I find it a interesting dish. Not suitable for Vegans though.

V. Inari Maki RM 22.90
One of my favourite Maki. You may request to omit the Mayo on top if you are vegan. The ingredients comprises of Veg prawn and tempura then wrapped with Inari Skin (Beancurd Skin). Makes it an interesting dish as the taste is memorable.

Fried Rice Set
Do note that there's Eggs in the fried rice.Tastes more chinese than Japanese. Yumms

Location: No. 33, Jalan Seladang, Johor Bahru, Johor 80250, Malaysia

KSL City Shopping Centre, Level 1

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