Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pappa Rich Singapore @ Parkway Parade

I used to think that Parkway Parade is one of the most Vegetarian Unfriendly place as there isn't any place that caters to Vegetarians.
Lately it has revamped and there are places, such as Pappa Rich and Mad Jack Cafe that do offer an option for Vegetarians.
Do note that this is not Pure Vegetarian Establishment, but they do have vegetarian options available in the menu.
I only know about Pappa Rich when I was in Malaysia JB and Im am surprise they are doing pretty good our of Malaysia.
I was told of the vegetarian segment so decided to give it a try during Lunch Time.

I didn't take a picture of the Menu but found it on the company's website. There are around 6 selections available. Pretty interesting.
I decided to try the Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak $7.90

The Portion is rather big. Comes with 3 slices of Cucumbers, Peanuts, Long Beans, half an egg (You may request to omit if you are vegan), 2 Papadums and vegetarian mushroom chili.
It wasnt too bad. I love the rice as it was fragrant and it wasn't too moist. I never manage to cook it this way. The mushroom chili was yummy. No garlic/onions in it.
Though it was a little pricy, but its good to see more of the non-vegetarian places offering options for vegetarians. Do note that they do charge 10% and GST.
I will be back some day to try the curry mutton rice :)

1. 1 Vista Exchange Green,
#01-43, The Star Vista,
Buona Vista,
Singapore 138617
Telephone No. : +65 6684 3373

2. 80 Marine Parade Road, #01-17A, Parkway Parade,
Singapore 449269
Telephone No. +65 6344 6323


It is usually packed on weekends, but service was okay and food was served really fast.

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