Sunday, January 25, 2009

Recipe - Prosperous Yu Sheng (Raw Fish Salad)

Happy CNY folks! In this Ox Year, I would like to thank everyone who have contributed to my food blog, and at the same time, wish all of you a Great year ahead! May more people turn vegetarians too!
I havn't been blogging due to my endless baking sessions. New dish this year: Yu Sheng (also known as the Raw Fish Salad). This is basically a local dish where on the 7th day of the New Year, people will gather to mix a plate full of good ingredients in hope for a new year ahead. The original version comprises of salmon normally. In a vegetarian version, i've replaced raw fish to vegetarian abalone. This dish is suitable for vegans as there are no diary products. Also, there is no cooking required.

Vegetarian Raw Fish Salad


1.5 Fresh Lettuce
3 Carrots
1 Radish
Ground Peanuts - 100g
Sesame - 100g
Ginger - Different colour assortment - 20g Each
Orange skin - 20g
Winter Melon Slices - 20g
Mango Slices - 20g
1 Vegetarian Abalone
Cracker 100g

Plum Sauce 1Cup
Pepper 1tbsp
Cinnamon Powder 1tbsp

1. Shred all carrots and Radish into long slices. You may use the special peeler as shown in the picture. As there are a lot of water in the carrots and radish, do dry them first.
2. It is good to use fresh mango. In this case, I used preserved mangos. Slice them into long pieces as well.
3. You may get the ginger slices at most supermarkets.
4. Slice the abalone into long slices as well.
5. Slice the Lettuce into thin slices.
6. Lay the lettuce and carrots into a big plate, then followed by the ginger slices, mango and abalone. Lastly, place the Peanuts and sesame on top.

End Product:

Tossing is a significant process in making this salad. Before mixing, pour in all the seasoning on top of the vegetables and place all the crackers on top and begin tossing.
Remember to say some nice verses like "Gong Xi Fa Cai!", "Xue Ye Jing Bu" (Prosperous & Good Studies) Etc. to wish each other luck!
Happy New Year Folks!