Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Johor Bahru - Delicious Cafeteria (蒂莉轩素食料理) *MOVED TO PELANGI*

Hello all, apologies as there have not been much updates here. Thank you all for the support so far, and it is much appreciated! Anyway, I went on a shopping and eating trip with the sisters a couple of weeks back and there are really so much good and cheap food available in JB, making me can't wait for the next trip!
Nasi Lemak
Clare sis ordered this rice. Ingredients: Peanuts, egg, potato stripes and Rice. This is a small serving and can serve as breakfast.

Curry Noodles

Wendy sis ordered this dish as we saw other people ordering it. Quite spicy, but there are quite a lot of ingredients.

Braised Tofu, Egg & Intestines
One of the delicious dish available at this cafe is the Braised Beancurd mix. The Tau Pok and Beancurd are braised thoroughly bringing out the fragrance of the spices and making it very tasty. It tastes great with plain rice or porridge.

Jawa Noodles (aka Mee Rebus)

I'm an all time supporter of mee rebus, and so far, my favourite is still from the stall in UBI. Nonetheless, i reckon the "mee rebus" sold from this cafe in JB is quite different from what we have in Singapore. The potatoes are big, but soft, and there are lots of crush peanuts in this dish. Taste wise, I think it is not so fragrant. It is cheap for this big portion though.

Mee Hun Kuey

Sunnietart's all time favourite. Soup is clear and not too saltish. The ingredients include lots of vegetables, ikan bilis, mushrooms, fishballs etc. In case you have no idea, Mee Hun Kuey is a popular dish whereby it is made from plain flour dough shreded into pieces.

Other than the above dishes, the stall also serve the famous Thunder Tea Rice (Lei Cha Rice) and Cha Siew Bun. The wide variety of choices would make you go back for more! So if you are feeling the strain of rising prices in SG, pamper yourself to a shopping spree in JB as everything is 1/2 price!

Location: M2-24 Level 2, City Square
Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Opening Hours: 0730 - 1800
Tel: 016 - 7115446


Choon Soon said...

this store had already closed due to renovations. it has been replaced by papa rich or somewhat similar. no idea where they were moved to though.


hi there. Appreciate your contributions. Anw, I was there today afternoon and discovered it was closed, preparing for a change in location.
Sign indicate will be reopening in Dec but no specific date. Anyone planning to visit, think got to make alternate arrangements.

alicesit said...

Has this shop reopened? I'm still looking for it...

missveg said...

Hello everyone, the cafe has moved to a coffeeshop behind pelangi. I do not have the full address though, will post when i have a chance to go back.